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Threads of Change Collective

Collaboration. Creativity. Community. Change-making.

Community sewing busy bee

Community sewing busy bee


Each workshop session is co-created by community and a guest local maker / creator / skill-sharer coming together. Our workshop guests share their practical  / creative / wellbeing & earth-friendly skills & ideas that can help us live in greater connection with ourselves, each other & the earth. 


Welcome to the Threads of Change Collective.

This community collective is a space where like-hearted and like-minded souls come together to share skills, trade tips & learn more about sustainable ways of living for ourselves, our families and wider communities.

Our vision is to create community gatherings & workshops where we can learn, share and practice skills that will help us implement living lighter and foster deeper connection in our day to day living with our great mother: Earth.



We make! Currently our making project is making reusable produce bags for ourselves, our friends & to gift into the local community, helping to spread the message of reducing plastic pollution and packaging. Check out here where our community-made bags are currently available.

Inspired by the brilliant Boomerang Bags initiative founded in QLD, we are taking remnant fabrics, up cycling coffee bean bags, diverting fabric from landfill and creating a plastic-free, earth friendly shopping solution.


We are creating community each time we come together and we are extending and rippling out into the wider community by donating some of the creations from each workshop.

This is a place to collaborate and create change! Come & join us change-makers!

How to get involved:

  • Come to the next workshop: skill share & create!

  • Donate unwanted fabric remnants (washed & cotton please)

  • Buy some of the Threads of Change community creations here.

  • Tell your friends & family.

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