Threads of Renewal

Our small batch projects are hand-printed and crafted from eco-friendly               fabrics in a local studio in Perth, Australia. Our creations evolve from a 3-way fusion   of inspiration, meditation and passion.

the inspiration…

India. Travels through this captivating land, not only captured my heart, but also rekindled a long term love of colour, rich texture and exquisite patterns. Hand-carved, wooden print blocks gathered during travels throughout India are used to hand-print simple designs to fabrics that celebrate this traditional art form and infuse a little Indian magic into the day-to-day rhythm back home.

This beautiful printing technique has inspired me to learn and begin to use a wider range of hand printing techniques including stencil making and screen printing.


the passion…

Sustainability:  Fabrics and materials are carefully handpicked to ensure they are friendly for both the Earth (Gaia) and all her inhabitants. Hemp & organic cotton are sustainable, non-polluting crops that help to sustain the land, farmers & artisans who commit their livelihoods to transforming these incredible plants into beautiful tactile threads & fabrics. 

We have sourced  beautifully textured heavy-weight Romanian & Hungarian hemp fabrics for many of our larger bags and use a lighter blend of hemp & organic cotton for  hand-printing, cushion covers, eye pillows and all bag linings. In addition all our fabric paints used are non-toxic, soil friendly paints.




the meditation...

Creating.  I love the process of creating, of being fully immersed in an art-full practice (be it designing, printing or sewing), its my go-to way of getting into that juicy state of flow & meditation. All elements of creating happen in-house, from sourcing fabrics to stencil making & block-printing fabric, to product designing, sewing & finishing... even the wooden buckles on our yoga bags are lovingly upcycled from old jarrah floorboards by our beloved barefoothippy carpenter. Our detailed, creative process is a conscious and long evolution…a mindful practice of   -  s l o w   a  r  t  -.


made with love...

We all have the power to make wide reaching changes through our daily choices, both as makers & consumers. We can choose to support people, livelihoods and organisations who are passionate about preserving our lands and empowering our brothers and sisters world-wide. 

Our creations are the outcome of a heart-practice in motion, using art to carry conscious choices out into the world and to weave as far as possible the eternal thread of love that connects us all.

Made in love, Threads of Gaia x