My Journey to rest


In my life-long quest for balance and well-being, the most powerful tool and nourishing medicine that I have personally experienced has been the power of slowing down and rest, and moreover our own willingness to embrace it in our daily lives.

My experience with a need for deep rest began way back in my early 20's, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue that continued throughout my 20's and into my 30’s. I was living in London; juggling a career in the corporate world of events, pushing through, propping myself up and mostly ignoring my symptoms.  In 2005, at the age of 30, triggered by a particularly stressful period at work, I experienced what I can only describe as a breakdown, I was physically and emotionally burnt out.

As I began my recovery, a friend suggested I try yoga to help with relief from the acute anxiety and physical exhaustion. Within a short space of time, I began to experience a growing sense of wellbeing, and so began my deep love for the practice and philosophy of yoga.

Over the years, my explorations of yoga have taken me on numerous trips to India, a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat, a 2-year Hatha Vinyasa teacher training with the Yoga Space Perth in 2009, Vinyasa trainings with Shiva Rea and a Pregnancy and Active Birth Training with Mindful Birth in 2013.

In 2013, after the birth of our beautiful son, my relationship with exhaustion would be awakened once again; the sheer overwhelm of motherhood and a baby who never slept was the perfect incubator for the resurgence of underlying anxiety and chronic fatigue. Six months after my baby was born and desperate for some relief, I finally made it back to a yoga class and here I discovered the incredibly healing benefits of restorative yoga - it became my life line. Since then restorative yoga has become my principal asana practice as a tool for navigating the stresses of daily life. Not long after discovering the deeply relaxing benefits of restorative yoga I also rediscovered the power of Yoga Nidra; a nourishing meditation technique that continues to deepen my experience of restoration and expand my journey of self discovery.

I have gone on to train as a Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra Facilitator with the incredibly inspiring teacher, mentor and author Karen Brody, who is bringing about a much needed rest revolution. I am also incredibly grateful to be deepening my restorative teaching with Judith Hanson Lasater.

It has taken me many years to gift myself permission to rest, and to no longer regard taking rest as a weakness, but as powerful return back to wholeness. I feel deeply grateful to my incredible teachers and mentors who are sharing their wisdom and I feel deeply called to serve others and bring the nectar of rest medicine to all.

May we all drink from the nectar of rest and renewal.

Kate x