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Threads of Change: What's the cost of beauty?

Kate JarvisComment

Beauty & the earth. 

This is my penultimate month in my year-long pledge to living lighter. This month I’m getting up close & personal with my bathroom cabinet. 

Just 1 glance at the endless beauty products seductively packaged in plastic...its pretty clear that in our efforts to beautify ourselves...we are inadvertently scarring the earth. 

When I started thinking about beauty & bathroom products, I was pretty much focused on the packaging angle... seeing how I can choose alternative options that eliminate single use plastic. But after digging a little deeper it’s not just the packaging that is damaging to the earth. Some of the environmental threats of personal care products:

🌏 micro beads found in toothpastes & personal care products end up in waterways, rivers & oceans polluting eco systems and being consumed by sea life. 

🌏 Chemical sunscreens are bleaching coral reefs.

🌏 Plastic packaging polluting landfill & waterways.

🌏 Pesticides & chemicals used in thousands of products do not breakdown and are accumulating in our ecosystems and our bodies. 

Ok it feels pretty heavy, but there’s lots we can be doing to help reduce our contribution.... here’s some things I’m already doing and ideas for more I can do.

💚 I finally found a locally made shampoo and conditioning bar that actually works & I love. @whollylocal.

💚 My skincare & mineral suncream are beautiful oils in glass bottles (although a plastic pump is used -refill options would be great @livinglibations!). 

💚 We bulk buy magnesium for the bath and buy soap in cardboard packaging. 

💚 We are making toothpaste but honestly it’s not great and given the chance Im using Marleys bought one instead (he won’t use it either 😣)! So this is top of my list to sort out.

💚 Make up is the next biggie... I’m about to run out of mascara & foundation. I don’t wear a lot & it’s summer so I could get away without it for a bit. But I want to have options & all my organic make up is in will be exploring if there are any other options in glass /reusable packaging.

So this is the month to get into the bathroom cabinets and see what else is lurking and where we can make changes. Would love to hear your earth-friendly beauty tips too! 

Here’s to celebrating beauty... honouring our own and safeguarding the beauty of our planet. 🌿🌏💚.