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Threads of Change: Let's be Merry & Bright

Kate JarvisComment

Yay...we reached December ✨🙌’s time to bring in some Christmas cheer with our last monthly pledge for Gaia of 2018. This month is dedicated to lightening up and having some F U N. Honestly, the past few months I’ve become a little bit (ok possibly ‘overly’) serious in my pledge to minimise & quit my plastic consumption. Don’t get me wrong...I’m not saying this is not a serious issue or endeavour... I’m referring to my attitude & light-heartedness... or rather lack thereof. I can tend to catastrophize... and take things a bit too seriously 🙄....this journey is teaching so much about myself and I’m fast beginning to see that you can be passionate about something without having to be over-burdened by it. 

Christmas is a time of joy & merriment... so here’s me salvaging my sense of humour and pledging to lighten up and find the joy in making these positive changes; celebrating the things we are doing, instead of ruminating over the things we aren’t... 

Christmas cheer...

✨ make your own Christmas much fun making ours from 3 bamboo sticks! 

✨ wrapping presents in fabric remnants or printing your own reusable fabric for fun!

✨ making your own decorations & gifts...all the easier with kids in tow!

There’s probably a million & 1 other things I could be doing as well... but I’m loosening up and enjoying & focussing on what I am doing. Here’s to a joy-filled, conscious Christmas for all.