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Plastic Free July

Kate JarvisComment

P l a s t i c  F r e e  J u l y

Its that time of year again Plastic Free July  🙌 . This initiative started here in WA in 2011 and has grown into a worldwide campaign challenging us to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic. Over the past few months, Ive been eliminating a specific item each month from our household in an effort to reduce our environmental impact. It has been a great transition so far, now using only reusable coffee cups, straws & bags, and lining our bins with newspaper… but I know there is still so much more we can do.

So, this is the month to embrace all the ‘other bits’ that have been a bit-too-hard to get my head around…you know all that plastic packaging that mysteriously creeps up on you in your shopping trolley!? Like when I come home armed with (plastic) punnets of strawberries or tomatoes in summer, or I’ve accidentally bought cut pumpkin and its wrapped in plastic because I wasn't really paying attention. Or I really want the discounted bananas that are packaged on a biodegradable tray & wrapped in plastic 🤦🏼‍♀️. This stuff…this stuff I need to get a handle on and start being more diligent about.

I also want to explore all the other stuff Im buying on the daily. Everything comes in some kind of plastic packaging… from pasta, to frozen blueberries to yoghurt to crackers! Im starting to wonder…do I have to start making everything from scratch at home?! I don't know the answers yet….I’m diving in head first, and I'm on a packaging exploration mission!

OK here are some ideas so far for helping me get through…please feel free to add your ideas below too!
1. Shop local farmers markets...waaay less packaging there
2. Ask local shops to pre-package in paper bags
3. Forgo the strawberries / tomatoes (whatever is in that plastic punnet)
4. Bulk buy dry & wet goods in glass / storage containers (Ive tried this once before…I think refilling all 83 jars at the same time was not the best idea!)
5. Buy products packaged in cardboard over plastic.
Keep up to date in my Instagram stories for all the fails…and all the wins! We will be running a community workshop in Perth this month making beeswax food wraps & this space for all the deets, would love to see you there.

Kate xx

To find out more about this campaign and lots of ideas...head to