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Composting: Recycling nature's way

Kate JarvisComment

Since last month’s pledge…#banthebag we have stopped using ‘bio-plastic’ bags for our bin liners and now use newspaper!  It has been a lot less eventful (messy) than I anticipated so if you’re keen to have a try, do it, its really not so bad. The shift has also meant we are paying closer attention to what is actually going into our bin and we’ve noticed more food scraps are beginning to creep in.

Almost half of Australian household waste thrown out is organic, compostable material. “When food scraps are sent to landfill, they decompose to produce methane, a greenhouse gas with more than 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide. They are also a potential source of organic leachates that can contaminate surface and ground water.”* Not only is food waste an unnecessary burden to already overflowing landfill, but as permaculture reminds us, if we want to create sustainable living solutions, then our outputs (waste) need to become inputs back into the system. Food scraps when composted correctly can become fertiliser to return essential nutrients back to our soils.

So this month we are getting our compost mojo back! We’ve have a compost bin for a while…but its not had a lot of love. I have definitely expected it to take care of itself (it does not). And of late, it is too full and too wet…and totally out of balance. Often there simply isn't enough room for all the food scraps and so these get tossed into the main bin. Our beloved @barefoothippy has already cleared out, turned over and got the compost bin going again. I’ve also got some great back up resources here to check out if our composting goes awry again, check these out if you're keen to learn more...

1) A brilliant Australia-wide tool @sharewaste / This is a simple website that links you to places in your neighbourhood who have a compost / chickens and are willing to receive your food scraps! I LOVE this collaborative initiative encouraging us to get to know our locals and work together.

2) Another great initiative is a Perth company who will collect your food scraps and compost them for you. They are currently at capacity, but do pre-register because when enough new customers register in an area they will expand their services there…could be your neighbourhood next!

3) If you are looking to buy or set up a wormery or compost at home, check out - a council supported initiative to encourage more of us to be composting at home and diverting compostable material away from landfill. They offer discounts on purchasing new equipment & advice to help you get set up. 

For those of you who already have cranking composts & wormerys…love your work…and please send all the tips! Happy composting change-makers. XX


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