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Threads of change: Straws Suck

Kate JarvisComment

Straws suck: Refuse to use single-use

A new month, a new pledge. This month, I am shining light on the environmental impact of single-use plastic straws. Plastic straws aren't something I’ve given that much thought to. It hadn't landed on my radar as something we use daily until I began to consciously note how often we are actually using them. I’ve been overlooking how easily they sneak in…especially with a 5 year old; visits out to cafes usually means an inevitable straw arriving with his drink…and invariably, one arrives for me too if I’m ordering a juice.

Ok, here’s the depressing stats. In the US alone, 500 million plastic straws are used and discarded EVERY DAY. Thats enough to go around the earths’ circumference 2.5 times PER DAY. That sucks. These are single-use, plastic straws that are not recyclable and are going into landfill and littering waterways and oceans.* Plastic straws are used for mere minutes and will outlive us and generations to follow us. They are unnecessarily going into landfill sites and are posing a huge threat to marine life, fast becoming one of the main litter items found on beaches.

So my pledge for April and evermore is to commit to refusing single-use plastic straws for my family. This will require us to be super vigilant and request “NO straw please” every.single.time we order drinks!😳 eeek, I’m so forgetful, if anyone has any ideas on how I can remember to ask every time to avoid sneaky ones slipping in, please give me a shout!! Planning to carry our own reusable, stainless steel or glass straw for times we wish to use one too👍. Thank you all so much for your incredible support, encouragement and love for our March pledge of #nocupnocoffee. This pledge continues to run concurrently with Straws Suck as we are creating long lasting change to our daily habits and way of living….there is still much research to undertake and learn about every day and will continue to update here through #threadsofchange.

Thank you for listening. For those of you already doing this…and those inspired to do this, you are amazing, let’s be the change together. 💚🙏😍🌏 #changemakers#strawssuck #threadsofchange * source: www.thelastplasticstraw