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Threads of Change: No Cup, No Coffee

Kate JarvisComment

No cup, No coffee ☕️
It is estimated that 500 Billion disposable coffee cups are produced globally per year. And here in Australia 50,000 disposable cups are going into landfill every 30 minutes*. Gulp.

I like to think I’m environmentally conscious… I care about reducing waste and I do my recycling. I have in my possession a reusable coffee cup, and I use it a lot...when I remember to wash, pack and actually USE it!

More times than I care to admit, I’ve been lazy. A busy morning sometimes sees me absent-mindedly leaving my cup at home. I convince myself I've had a busy week, and I really deserve that coffee anyway, one time isn't going to hurt…and I fall into the the trap of getting that take out coffee anyway. Guilty 🙋🏻‍♀️. But that one-time…isnt just one time and it isn't just 1 coffee cup, millions of us are doing this. This is a convenience trap, contributing to huge amounts of coffee cups unnecessarily going into land fill every year. 

Up until now, I've let it slide, based on the green-washing facade that its a BIO cup so thats OK. 🤦‍♀️This is a trick my friends, a BIO cup still has a plastic lining and can ONLY be recycled or composted in special commercial recycling / composting plants that most of us do not have access to. For the most part, these are ending up in landfill too. 

For those of you already being disciplined and never using single-use cups…thank you for being the trailblazers & change-makers and inspiring me to take action. Some of you like me who have been meaning to get around to it, well grab your reusable cup and let’s never use single-use cups again 🙅‍♀️. So from today onwards, my rules are simple NO CUP, NO COFFEE (or tea / chai / smoothie). I’m planning ahead, packing my cup or mug the night before. Or I could even shift down a gear...and leave 15 minutes earlier and enjoy my coffee sitting down! 
You can follow my month of No cup, No coffee in my stories....wishing you an inspired day & month! 🙏💚😘 *(source: PlanetArk)

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