Threads of Change: Go Slow


S l o w is my preferred pace of life. It’s the rhythm at which I operate at my best and is the most sustainable flow for me. But the reality is we live in a fast paced world and sticking to your own s l o w lane requires tremendous effort & unwavering presence.
These past few weeks, life has been happening and there has been a stealth rising of, to the point that busy has simply overtaken and something’s gotta give. What gave way for me were my concerted efforts at plastic-free living and in its place slid a cosy, comfortable dose of convenience. After the past few weeks of growing commitments I came unstuck; I hadn’t made enough time for bulk food shopping or farmers markets, I didn’t plan meals or prioritise food prep... eventually we had empty cupboards, an empty fridge & a family to feed... last week they got a dinner of ‘fast food’; food with a side of all.the.plastic. Dips & olives (in plastic pots), chips (in plastic bags), cheese (wrapped in plastic)... you get the idea. I even went without milk in my tea for 2 days as I wasn’t making time to process the nuts that had been soaking on my counter for 3 days...and eventually went off (anyone 🤷‍♀️?!) I promptly bought 2 (plastic) cartons of milk.
Here’s the thing, I don’t want to be going down this slippery slope of convenience. I value our beautiful planet, I value our role and responsibilities here as stewards of this incredible land, And I deeply value our interconnectedness. And so, if I want to see change... and an end to #plasticpollution, I have to be prepared to make that change myself and choose to make it a priority.
So this month I need to regroup, revisit my values, get really clear about how my choices as a consumer are directly aligned to my values and represent my prayer for the world. It’s a month to get back in the s l o w lane; let some things go and make space and time for better choices. To those of you doing this in, day out, thank you 🙏 thank you for showing us it is possible, and reminding us that we make it possible. Thanks to all the change makers out there giving your best 🙏💚🌏#changestartswithme #threadsofchange #slowdown #slowliving#slowforgaia #lovegaia #everylittlehelps#plasticfreeliving

Kate JarvisComment