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Threads of Change: Outreach October

Kate JarvisComment

OK, this month Im taking a breather. This month i’m not choosing another daily habit to change up (although there are still many more to come!)..this month i’m choosing to integrate all that I'm already doing.

The past 6 weeks we’ve been on the road, travelling through Europe seeing friends and family. It was good, sweet times 😍. At the same time, the reality of trying to honour my plastic-free-pledges whilst on the road was challenging and to be honest… pretty frustrating. I hadn't really appreciated the effort i’ve been making to seek out, research and travel to find earth-friendly options.

We did pretty well most of the time…the abundance of farmers markets made #zerowaste food shopping mostly accessible and fun. Little Mr 5 kept to his pledge too and carted around his reusable ice-cream bowl and spoon for the entire time #holidaygoals. But I also found myself feeling pretty despondent when we had no choice but to buy food in single-use plastic. So much anger when  our water came in a plastic bottle… and pretty helpless when a meal in the air is served with more single-use plastic than actual food 😰. 

But, now we’re back. And I’m happily settling back into my all-familiar eco-hacks that are seemingly so much more accessible at home! So, its time to flip the funk, shift perspective and find the positive from the negative! Im also surrendering the unsustainable notion that my heroic efforts alone can change everything 🙄🤦‍♀️😂… and instead Im reaching outwards… to all those who share a similar vision and voice, to those of you who want to see a change too. This is a call for us to come together, to dare to dream, no matter how big or small, that collectively we can make a difference. I have no doubt that our passionate, collective voice is so much louder and more persuasive than the often unnoticed (and frequently frustrated) individual voice. So who’s with me? 🙋

Yay! If that’s you, we would love you to come along to our Community Workshop on Sunday 28 October where we will be making reusable produce bags…for ourselves, for our friends and our communities.  This idea is based on the brilliant Boomerang Bag initiative; a community driven movement run by volunteers which aims to reduce plastic pollution by engaging communities to make reusable bags and make a difference.  Im so happy to be collaborating with friend & fellow local maker and creator Louise of The Art of Fit for this creative and purposeful afternoon. So if you’re keen, we would love to connect, collaborate and create with you; the change makers. ✌️🙏🏼

This month is the time for me to begin opening up to opportunities & inspirations from wider communities both local & global. And beginning to really explore not only how we can each make changes to be the ripple effect, but how by coming together we can help the ripple flow further. For more information, please check out the workshop link below or reach out and say hi! 👋💚🌏