Threads of Gaia

Hemp is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly crops compared to the large scale cotton crops that the textile industry currently favours. By choosing to purchase more hemp and organic cotton products you are contributing to creating a more sustainable cycle of crops which are better for you, the producers & the environment.

Hemp...some facts:

Water saving: Hemp uses around half the amount water required to produce the same amount of cotton crop.

No pesticides: Hemp is highly resistant to bugs and insects, thereby eliminating most pesticides & herbicides

Higher yield: Per square metre of land, hemp production is 200-300% greater than cotton crops.

Fast growing: Hemp crop is ready for harvesting in 120 days from being planted

Enriches soil: Hemp crops naturally shade out weeds and fallen leaves create a mulch and soil enrichment

Antibacterial: Naturally antibacterial.

Strong & durable: Strongest fibres

Protects against UV rays

Traditional fabric: hemp has been used for thousands of years in paper and fabric production.