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Return to Rhythm: 21 Day Daring to Rest journey

  • Yoga Corner Carine Central, 8/8 Davallia Duncraig, 6023 (map)

Return to Rhythm: A 21-day Daring-to-Rest™ Journey with Kate Jarvis

  • 4 x 2.5 hr Rest Workshops: Sun 27 Oct 1-3.30pm & Sat 2, 9 & 16 Nov 2-4.30pm

  • 21-Day Guided Home practice

  • $160 pp (Introductory price)

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Welcome dear Sister, this is your invitation to immerse yourself in the power of rest, to reconnect with your well-rested woman and to dive deep into the magic of Daring-to rest™ Yoga Nidra meditation. 

Over our 3 week journey, you will nourish yourself with a daily yoga nidra practice (20-35mins), begin to release layers of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion and integrate the healing power of rest into your daily life. Beginning with the advent of the new moon, we will be resting with the rhythms of the lunar cycle, as we reconnect with the rhythms that permeate and sustain life within and around.

Yoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation that guides us into deepening states of conscious relaxation, resting and rejuvenating all 5 koshas (layers) of our being. This powerful, holistic practice restores us through these many layers; releasing fatigue, awakening us to our inner, sustaining power and increasing our capacity to serve others from a truly integrated and sustainable place. As teacher and Daring to Rest Founder Karen Brody says, “We are lying down to wake up”.

To support you throughout your 21-day rest immersion, you will receive;

  • 4 x 2.5 hour Rest Workshops each to include: restorative yoga, yoga nidra, conversation & guidance on each weekly rest theme (Rest, Release & Rise), circle time to reflect on your rest journey, nourishing tea & snacks.

  • 3 x yoga nidra MP3 audio recordings (downloadable); 1 for each weekly theme: Rest, Release & Rise

  • Optional weekly practices to support and deepen your rest practice.

  • Closed Facebook group to ask questions & receive support and guidance throughout your 21 day rest immersion.

Rest Immersion Dates: 27 October - 16 November 2019

Week 1 - Rest Rest Workshop: Sunday 27 Oct: 1-3.30pm

Week 2 - Release Rest Workshop: Saturday 2 Nov: 2-4.30pm

Week 3 - Rise Rest Workshop: Saturday 9 Nov: 2-4.30pm

Immersion closing: Resting in Rhythm: Sat 16 November - 2-4.30pm

Here are a few words women have shared recently to describe how they felt during & after a completed a 21-day rest immersion with Kate; “more compassionate”…. “feeling less overwhelmed”….. “more patient”….. “less tired”….. “blissed out”…. “at more peace”…..”relaxed and rested”…. “amazing”…. “my creativity is flowing”. 

This is your permission to simply be.

My hope is that we may all drink from the nectar of rest and renewal. Kate x


This program is based on and inspired by Daring-to Rest Yoga Nidra meditations as created by teacher and Author Karen Brody. Kate is trained in the Daring-to-Rest Method with Karen Brody and is deeply passionate about sharing this life-changing practice.

Earlier Event: October 12
Weekly Relax & Restore Class