Threads of Renewal


Restorative yoga guides you through gentle yoga postures, breath awareness and guided savasana to facilitate deep relaxation, recharge energy reserves and maintain wellbeing.

Yoga postures are supported and tailored using bolsters, blankets and props to help soften and release tension from the body and quieten the mind. Slower movements and extended postures ( up to 15 minutes) create space for a deeper inward experience of the posture and an arising awareness of the breath and physical sensations.

Potential health benefits of restorative yoga:

    •    release muscular tension

    •    slow heart rate and breath

    •    strengthen immune function

    •    alleviate symptoms of stress & fatigue

    •    restore energy reserves


Yoga nidra is a guided meditation which can be practiced as a stand alone relaxation technique or may accompany savasana at the end of a restorative class. 

Yoga Nidra often translated as yogic sleep, is a state of “receptive relaxation” where our bodies and minds move into states of deep relaxation similar to states reached during sleep, however in the practice of yoga nidra we maintain a thread of awareness. This is achieved by guiding you through a rotation of consciousness through your body, breath awareness and visualisations.  

Yoga nidra can activate the relaxation response and transport us into a 'rest & digest' state. This helps to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety as we move out of a stress-response and move into a renewing state that cultivates a deep sense of calm, effortlessness and restfulness.